Great Expectations

Helping students earn a high school diploma

The Chinese public education system guarantees only nine years of schooling for children.



Youth living in extreme poverty, regardless of their potential or past school performance, are typically forced into a life of hard labor, and they often join the high-risk floating population. Great Expectations allows these children to escape that fate and continue learning by providing them the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.


The Great Expectations program began in 2006 with 40 students. Each year since then, our program has enrolled 120 students. Our students have shown tremendous progress through personal growth and excellent academic performance. In 2009, the first class of students graduated, and 100% of those students went to college. To date, Golden Courage has paid for more than 500 students and supported an additional 600 students and the 100% college admission rate continues. In addition to cultivating academic excellence, this program fosters a healthier attitude toward life.

Our goal is to enroll 120 new students each year for their three-year high school education and to establish a social enterprise incubator.

The incubator will provide a for profit mechanism to ensure the sustainability of our work.

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