Meet Ma Jun Kai

Ma Jun Kai

"From Golden Courage, I learned the responsibility to be kind to others."

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Ma Jun Kai’s parents were both gravely ill and unable to work. Since they did not have an income, they could not afford to send him to high school. At that time, Golden Courage offered Ma Jun Kai the opportunity to go to high school and live up to his fullest potential. Ma Jun Kai gladly and gratefully accepted.


Ma Jun Kai prior to becoming a GCI student



Upon graduating from high school, Ma Jun Kai went to college for two years. Burdened by his loans, he decided to become a Tibetan solider for two years and, in exchange, they paid off his loans and paid for another two years of college after his service was completed. Although Ma Jun Kai had little money as a solider, he still generously sent 10% of his salary to support other GCI children.

Today, Ma Jun Kai is a happy and successful physical education teacher.