Meet Li Shu Rui

Li Shu Rui

"What I learned from GCI is if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger. It is important to have a big smile every day, be joyful and be grateful. Whatever I am facing, I know I can overcome it. My health and my future is in my hands. I am very grateful for the opportunity to enter high school with Golden Courage."

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Li Shu Rui did not expect to go to high school. Her father had died of cancer and her mother was mentally handicapped and deaf and had no way to support the family. Fortunately, Golden Courage learned about Li Shu Rui’s situation and was determined to help her and her mother.


Li Shu Rui prior to becoming a GCI student


Golden Courage supported Li Shu Rui through high school and was able to locate a job for her mother planting trees. Upon high school graduation, Li Shu Rui started college as both a confident and grateful student.